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Dec 19, 2011 11:00pm EST
, creating blizzard like conditions out to the west right now. places like the panhandle of texas. overnight 35, mostly cloudy, tomorrow spotty showers, 47, some spots warmer, some may get back to 50. tomorrow night 36 mostly cloudy, showers still possible but rain more likely as we go there to the wednesday. that could be a tricky travel day. winter starts thursday at 55. i don't now what this says about the winter but it's interesting. colder this weekend. there is that next weather system on christmas eve, it potentially could bring a winter mix to ravens. >> thank you. coming up, two unusual donations in the same salvation army kettle two years in a row. stick around. >>> first a look at night line. >> coming up, with the death of the leader of north korea did the world just get more dangerous? >>> and research says that father hood just may take the macho out of the man. the droid razr by motorola. the newest droid armed with motocast. granting you wireless access to files on your home computer from almost anywhere. music, and movies. all at mind-melting speeds. powered by ve
Dec 27, 2011 11:00pm EST
... 9 people were arrested. 3 and a happy ending for a texas family that was buried in a huge snow drift on a trip to new mexico. the family had food...and water..but they were entombed in an suv..and unable to dig out..they were able to make some cell phone contact..and tell rescuers an their approximate location...but finding them was difficultas the one night..turned to two...the situation turned desperate finally last wednesday morning..a rescue team arrived david higgins says: all i remember is yvonne said they're here nd she ad looked over at the drivers side window and saw the rescuers digging. d seem them pick up the thiss fatherrcan only thank his those who found them...any made his prays come true..1958 we are very blessed my mo told me its her christmas miracle know she still has a family. 33 no big snow to look out for here innbaltimore. here's emily gracey with her skywatch ffrecast. 3 3 all of us at fox 45 want to help make the holidays a littll brighter. 3 so....we're giving away a 1-hundred-dollar wal-mart gift card in our fox45 shopping spree contest. you
Dec 26, 2011 11:00pm EST
strong support there - and other g-o-p contenders are taking aim.(pkg)looking to derail texas congressman ron paul in the fiist in the nation caucus state.rival campaigns plan to air fresh t-v ads and hit the phones to persuade undecided caucus-goers.steve hayes says: pll the talk about the ron paul surge - the support that he has out there - the momentum that he has potentially going into these january 3 caucuses is real. mitt romney, michelle bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich kick off iowa bus tours tuesday night - as rick santorum goes hunting with iowa conservatives. aside, the winner of the 2008 iowa caucussss mike huckabee, says the outcome may boil down to the elements.huckabee says: "if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. iff the weather is bad and it's real tough to get out, ron paul would win."on january 10, the nation's first primary is scheduled in new hampshire - where romnny leadd by dooble digits. a new boston globe poll shows gingrich and paul tied for second - just ahead of jon huntsmmn. but the road may soon get rocky for romney. susan says: he will
Dec 29, 2011 11:00pm EST
jurisdictions inside the church. controversy .... over.../ a... camp for kids.../ in texas... --gunshot nats--- naas--- gunssand kids.../ generally... aren't a good mix..../ range owner .../ gun is... changing that.///. áámattáá flemming... peaches .../ an... educational camp... on firearms....// ááunderáá his... supervision,.../ áákiddáá as... yyung as 8.../ learn everyyhing.../ about... rifles...////. ááparents the curiousity.../ out of guns... at... an... early age. 3 matt fleming says: we have because parents realize we have more firearms in our society, parents what their kids to be introduced to guns in the right settingg31:39 31:39 fleming says.../ his students ...alsoo.. do... beeter in school... / áábecaaseáá complete,.../ ../ concentration. we got a dose of winter weather ttday... but a bit of aawarm-up on the way. way. let's check back with meteorologist emily gracey for a look at the forecast so there was some thought that quite frankly that it would pop up oo facebook," 3 a woman says "yes"...// to... a marriage propooal.../// ááwhileáá... her...suitor
Dec 23, 2011 11:00pm EST
plug. >>> and they say everything is bigger in texas. not much knowledge of driving there. texas sized snow caused texas sized headaches and the night before christmas. a holiday favorite, it returns. . >>> around the nation tonight, paychecks won't go down in january because the house finally passed the tax break extension. the gavel came down and the bill moved to the president's desk. >> this is good news, just in the nick of time for the holidays. >> the president left for his hawaii vacation shortly. they will >>> it'll be a white christmas in texas and snow fell in el paso today. folks there are obviously not used to driving in this stuff. especially not in the rear wheel mustang. a few inches of snow and cold temperatures made for lots of slipping sliding in the western part of texas. it's expected to fall through tomorrow. >>> and a woman flying -- says the tsa thought her cup cakes were a terror threat. a security agent took two of them, that's suspicious, packed in jars, saying the frosting was to similar to the kind of gels they ban from planes. rebecca said they aren'
Dec 8, 2011 11:00pm EST
... a warehouse texas....//áááhievesáá... brokee.. the pocc.../ ááandáá pnd i-poos----/ ops ááalláá intended in one part of me iim sorry for themmthat they would sink this low for mmnny when &pthey're probably going to use it for drugs or allohol. alcoool. tte... welfare board.... doesn't have tte money... to replace the gifts.../ ,áá soáá dooate toys. 3 frederick...a good five gold ccins were placed &pin the charity's red keetlee outside various stores.matt lerner who's the owner of a &plocal coin shop made he donations...which are worth a total oo nine thousand dollars. aater all thaa rain... aato -3 beautiful day todaa...//... here's chief meteorlogistt vytas reid.../ with the skywatch forecast 3 3 3 theeremaiis of fallen of a shocking milltary ppactice. and speaking out for the first penn state coacc jerry sandusky... what she says about the accuser who ccaams she ignored his screams for hhlp. you said sometting but my ears were too far away ok okrepublican presidenntal gets caught off guard.. byya littte boy.what he whispered in her ear... that left her
Dec 21, 2011 11:00pm EST
mild air around as this storm tracks in out of the texas coast. we look for rain to arrive beginning tomorrow night. so, decent day. rain comes in tomorrow night. probably after the rush. goes overnight to about 3, 4, 5 in the morning on friday. there will be snow up in northern new england. here it will be rain. we clear out friday. things look good but then another system developing down in east texas. that will come up as a primarily rain maker we think christmas morning. but yes there could be a wintery mix early christmas morning. there could be a few wet flakes that fly but that won't show up again until sunday morning. overnight tonight down to 46 with a stray shower. other than that, things are dry tomorrow. tomorrow as winter begins and we switch seasons, 60 degrees with some sun breaking through. what a way to start wenter. 2011-2012 and tomorrow night down to 43 as the rain moves in wet overnight and colder. turning colder but not frigid. friday 54 with clearing skies in the afternoon. saturday starts out okay at 48. but it does appear that although the game may come in dr
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)